Frequently Asked Questions About GlucoLift All-Natural Glucose Tablets


How much glucose is in each tablet?

Each GlucoLift® tablet contains 4 g of fast acting carbohydrate.

How long do the tablets last? 

As long as they are kept dry, they should behave exactly the same no matter how old they are. Since we use natural colors (and not artificial food dyes, which are often derived from coal tar), our tablets will change in appearance over time as the colors fade. This change in appearance does not affect the way the tablets impact blood sugar levels.

What is the difference between GlucoLift® and other tablets?

There are a number of important differences which make GlucoLift a better option. The first thing most people notice is the taste. The main difference is the quality of the ingredients. GlucoLift All-Natural glucose tablets contain no artificial food dyes/colors or artificial flavors.

Why does it matter that GlucoLift® All-Natural Glucose Tablets were created by a person with diabetes?

The people who understand products best are the people who have to use them every day. GlucoLift® was created by a person with diabetes who saw several ways that existing glucose tablets could be improved. Since then, we continue to get feedback from other people with diabetes telling us that GlucoLift® has addressed many of their concerns with glucose tablets, as well. If you have any suggestions about other ways that we could make our tablets even better, we would love to hear from you. You can reach us by e-mailing

What else is in GlucoLift besides Glucose?

Not much.  You can see the full nutritional info here.

How many tablets should I take?

The American Diabetes Association recommends taking 15 to 20 g of glucose to treat hypoglycemia and retesting in 15 min. That translates to between 4 and 5 GlucoLift tablets.  Some people find they need less than that; some people occasionally need more.  The most important thing to remember is to always test after treating to make sure that you have raised your blood sugar to safe levels.

We also have reference cards created in conjunction with Gary Scheiner, the AADE’s 2013 Educator of the Year, which show how much one tablet will raise your blood sugar based on body weight. If you’d like one, email us at

Note that, while possibly useful for general knowledge, none of the information supplied by us should ever take the place of testing your blood sugar or the advice of a medical professional.

Are GlucoLift tablets gluten free?


Do you make smaller/more portable containers for GlucoLift?

Yes. We currently offer a travel tube that holds 8 GlucoLift tablets.  It is reusable, can be opened and closed with one hand, and has a food-grade desiccant in the lid to absorb ambient moisture. You can buy them here.

How do you decide what non-profit organizations to support?

Right now, we choose to support two great patient-focused diabetes organizations that are located in our hometown of San Diego, California, TCOYD (Taking Care of Your Diabetes) and insulindependence.  They are both organizations who aim to inspire and empower patients to take charge of managing their own diabetes, with the help of their health care team.

What’s 1% for the Planet?

1% for the Planet is an association of companies that pledge 1% of their gross sales to environmental charities. As evidence that diabetes can be brought on by toxins in the environment continues to mount, we feel like this is a great way to reduce the onset of diabetes in the future and improve all of our quality of life and the health of our environment.

Are you going to come out with any other flavors?

Hopefully. If you have suggestions for new flavors, feel free to send them to us at

Why aren’t your tablets available at my local pharmacy?

While this may change in the future, right now we have chosen to sell GlucoLift® mostly online in order to use the highest quality ingredients and keep our prices down. Selling through your local pharmacy would require retailer and distributor price markups which we think would raise prices too high.

Really? No fat/sodium/caffeine/corn syrup?

Really. Our tablets don’t contain any of those things.